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Record and share great music videos of your shows

  • Record videos using multiple devices

  • Let Rocket Studio create your clip

  • Add filters and share on your favorite platform

What Rocket Studio is

Focus on what you do best

Rocket Studio helps musicians, amateurs and pros, to record and share high quality music videos and find the audience they deserve.

  1. Record

    Use the Rocket Studio on several smartphones at the same time to record multi-cameras videos of your shows. Add microphones and get a multitrack audio recording.

  2. Get the clip

    Once you've done your part, relax and let Rocket Studio do the heavy work of editing the video

  3. Share

    Add filters to the clip and share it on your favorite platforms directly from the app

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See Rocket Studio in action

  • Arat Kilo

    Concert recorded at the Solidays 2018 in Paris. We used Rocket Studio on 5 devices for the video footage. Audio was taken from the deck.



  • Revivor

    Unplugged session recorded in 2017 for Revivor's crownd funding. We used Rocket Studio on 3 devices to record both the audio and the video.



  • Swing Gum

    Concert recorded during the French "FĂȘte de la musique". We used Rocket Studio on 5 devices to record both the audio and the video.



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